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Future drops off to a great degree NSFW visuals for “My Collection.”

MP3 Audio Nicki Minaj Video The state of mind and tone on Future’s HNDRXX is set the moment “My Collection ” begins playing with a quieted theme of la-la-la’s, far-away keys and a delicate ticking. After re-increasing HNDRXX with the arrival of his visuals for “PIE” including Chris Brown, and “Additional Luv” highlighting YG on its sister collection FUTURE, the rapper is back at it today with another arrangement of visuals, this time for HNDRXX’s solid (yet to some degree questionable) collection opener.

The stark high contrast visuals, which initially debuted only on Apple Music are currently accessible to all by means of Youtube. They are not PG, in that titties are on full show, nips what not. You’ll additionally observe a solid serving of ass all through the freshly shot music video, while Future raps alone encompassed by exhaust darkness, before an assortment of ladies swarm around him, wearing just their clothing.

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