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After such an a spectacular year, boy wonder, Nasty C returns to the screens with the music video of his smash joint titled Pressure.

This effort is taken off his Bad Hair Album that continues to make waves and generate reviews as one of the best hip hop projects in recent times.

The music video of Pressure only sought to connect the lyrical flows Nasty C destroyed so deeply from the depths of his heart, with the visuals his fans would relate with.

We believe the One Kid A Thousand Coffins crooner achieved this, much to our delight.

Interestingly, Nasty C still shows the composed mienamidst the Pressure of the good life on his young shoulders and the massive expectations that come from being at the top.

We can only marvel at what he’s managed to achieved giving his years. The South African rap genius and lyricist thus makes it a year to remember – not just for himself; but for music fans, players and stakeholders on the South African and by extension, African hip hop circuit.